Signing Up to the program

Signing up for a loyalty partner account on koomalooma is completely free. You can Sign up to the program at You will need to complete the information requested in the form and accept the terms and conditions.


Accessing Partner Area and Account Information

Once you have submitted basic information on your company you will be granted access to the partner “area”. You can access the partner area at any moment by going to and logging in with the email and password you provided during the registration phase.

Once logged into the partner area you can access your loyalty partner account and modify your account information at any moment. Simply click on the “user” icon on the top right corner of the panel to access the “My Account” tab.

Loyalty Partner Account


Completing your profile and managing your loyalty partner account

When you sign up to the program we will request you confirm your email address. This way we are sure we can get in touch with you at any moment.

We also ask you to complete as soon as possible the proper billing information so we can correctly invoice you for the points you eventually purchase.

In the “My Account” section you can also update your loyalty partner account information and your password at any moment.


“My Account” Information

We will set your loyalty partner account with our default daily and monthly points limits (“Daily Cap” and “Monthly Cap”). The Daily Cap is set at 100.000 points, that is 1.000 Euro worth of points. The monthly cap is set at 2.000.000 points. The monthly limit is of 20.000 Euros worth of loyalty campaigns. If you wish to exceed these limits you will need to get in touch with us. We will get back to you requesting certain documentation in order to exceed the limits.

Our standard agreement with partners is “prepaid”. This means that points must be purchased in advance before being issued. We do offer in exceptional cases for “high volume” partners, post-paid models. Your “Partner Profile Type” will indicate if you have a prepaid or post-paid account.

Prepaid accounts can only issue the points previously loaded into the partner’s account (purchased). “Amount of Residual Points” defines the maximum amount of points that can actually be issued before topping up the account again.

Should you not have enough points available in your balance our system will block the “Earn Widget” from being displayed on your campaigns. As soon as funds are added to your account the “Earn Widget” will automatically be displayed again.

Partner ID is your unique identification number of your loyalty partner account. The API key is instead used for the integration into our system. We advise not to share these publicly for security reasons.

Some of our very special partners have access to Free Points. These are promotional points the partner does not have to pay for. Should you be offered Free Points, the amount of Free Points available to be issued to your customers will be indicated in the “My Account” summary.