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Setting Loyalty Campaigns

Campaigns are the loyalty activities that will be running on your Lightspeed shop. As for any marketing activity, a loyalty campaign must have a specific goal to which it is associated. In other terms, the Goal is the “why” you are running the campaign.

You may want to run campaigns simply to increase retention and returning customers, to push-up revenues or you might want to use campaigns to get new customers or others.

When you set up a loyalty program it is important you define what goals you want to achieve so you can configure your campaigns accordingly.

With koomalooma app for Lightspeed, you can setup two different kind of campaigns: “Reward Signup” and “Reward Purchase”.

Dashboard Lightspeed Ecommerce Property


Reward Signup

You will issue points rewarding the customers that subscribe for your shop.
You have just to setup the value in Euro equivalent to the points you want to issue for this action.

koomalooma reward signups on Lightspeed plugin


Reward Purchase

Your customers will earn points in percentage of the money they spend in your shop.
At first you have to setup the campaign value in terms of percentage on the customer purchase.

Purchase loyalty campaign configuration


Then you can configure the Retroclaim timeframe.
Koomalooma is able to issue points even to customers that haven’t subscribed yet to the koomalooma loyalty program. Retroclaim sets how long you want to store the points issued to “anonymous users” hoping they will subscribe in a later moment.  If the “anonymous users” don’t subscribe within that timeframe, you get back the points issued to them and can re-issue them to other customers. If you are not familiar with the Retroclaim feature you can check out our dedicated blog post.

koomalooma retroclain on lightspeed plugin