No! You will never need to write a single line of code. The installation, configuration and management is very straightforward and takes just a few minutes.

koomalooma API is a more powerful tool because it gives the online or mobile merchant full control on the actions users can make to earn koomalooma points. Merchants can use the API to reward not only transactions but also other actions such as referrals, product reviews, and store sign-ups.

The Lightspeed App instead has predefined call-to-actions that the merchant can reward its customer for: Store Sign-ups, Purchases. More functionalities will be released soon. The advantage of the Lightspeed is that with the Lightspeed App, no coding skills are required.

For the customers instead, there is no difference. Once the points have been earned, whether issued via API or Lightspeed App, the sign-up, accumulation, rewards catalog and rewards delivery is completely the same!

The koomalooma Lightspeed loyalty App is a plugin for the Lightspeed Ecommerce platform allowing Lightspeed shop owners to easily offer koomalooma loyalty program on their store. With the koomalooma App, Lightspeed shop owners can incentivize their customers to return and spend more, as well as sign up to the shop by offering koomalooma points. Customers can spend the points to obtain cashback and other great rewards.

To add the koomalooma Lightspeed App you can simply click on this link. You will be directed to your Lightspeed account Backend panel. You will need to log in with your Lightspeed administrative credentials and then follow the instructions. Installing the App takes less than a minute.

If you think your business’s products would be a great match for our catalog and our cool kooma∙looma members then please contact us on

Any feedback you are willing to provide us is very valuable. We will be happy to listen to what you think we should do to improve our service, why don’t you give it a shot by writing us three lines here:

If the number passes the validation conditions and if the top-up request went through and the number was actually credited, there is nothing we can do about it and the member will not be refunded any points. There is a chance the request gets cancelled because the wrong number was not accepted by the operator (e.g. it was post-paid). In that case the member will see an error message and the balance will remain untouched.

They can top-up any phone they wish, as long as it is pre-paid.

When the user redeems a prize, we send a confirmation email with a ticket number to the user’s email address provided on sign up. For any questions regarding the shipping status, the user can simply reply to the confirmation email and someone from our customer care team will get in touch with him/her.

The amount of points necessary to redeem a prize is displayed in the catalogue on

This depends on many factors such as the type of prize, the geographic market, agreements we have with our suppliers and regulation. After the order of the prizes has been placed by the member, some prizes are delivered immediately over-the-air (for most mobile operator top-ups user will receive the confirmation within just seconds). For digital vouchers the delivery via email is approximately from 4 to 7 business days. For physical shipping of the goods the delivery range is vary variable and it can take up to a few weeks depending on where you are located.

No they don’t. Unfortunately for different reasons (mainly due to technological complexities on the operator side and banking regulations) we are only able to top-up prepaid phone lines. If anything should change we will update our partners about this.

Most Mobile Operator Top-Ups are delivered OTA. We have also some other rewards delivered OTA depending on the geography. Typically, such prizes are vouchers that can be used for satellite TV services or fixed broadband lines data top-ups. In some emerging markets we also deliver vouchers OTA that can be redeemed at local grocery and convenience stores.

Some digital rewards can be delivered over-the-air. This means that thanks to special arrangements with our partners we can deliver the reward electronically to the mobile phone of a user within seconds from the request made by the Member. For example, most of our mobile operator top-ups are delivered OTA. The user simply inserts the mobile number he wishes to Top-up and we credit the mobile phone within seconds and send an SMS with a confirmation of the Top-Up.

This depends by many factors such as the type of prize, the geographic market, agreements we have with our suppliers and regulation. However, we have three delivery methods:

  • OTA (We are able to deliver most prizes “Over-the-Air”, for example, we are able to top-up most mobile operator phone credit directly);
  • Electronic (some vouchers and gift cards requested by members are delivered via email);
  • Physical shipping (we ship the product directly to the name and address requested by the member).

This is the web and mobile accessible site where users can spend their points earned through our partners to receive rewards. On users can manage their member accounts, view their transaction history, search and request for rewards.

We are proceeding to localize the program and catalog in different markets to meet specific local needs. Consider these as the general situation as we strive to expand and localize more geographies:

  • Rewards: These are localized for more than 80 countries, meaning that the catalog is designed to be available for delivery with prizes for each of those specific countries (I.E. a member in Poland will see mobile operator top-ups in Poland and a member in Nicaragua will see only mobile top-ups for Nicaraguan operators). Any country (out of the 80) for which we do not have yet fulfilled our rewards catalog will display to the user that at the moment we do not have any rewards available. We recommend not to issue points in countries where we do not have rewards available.
  • my.koomalooma website: Globally available in English in all markets. For selected markets we are proceeding to a full localization of catalogue descriptions and member website. For the moment these include Turkey (available in English and Turkish) and for Switzerland (De, Fr, It).

We are ambitious and decided to make koomalooma a global product from day 1, allowing you to be able to take advantage of our services worldwide based on your priorities. Koomalooma’s catalog has expanded rapidly and today offers rewards in over 80 countries. However, in the same manner you have your priorities, we need to prioritize our activities too. Fulfilling our catalog and delivering / shipping rewards can be complex, especially considering cross border logistics, customs and duties and many other factors. For this reason, we have different levels of localization, user experience and rewards based on the specific country. In general: Mobile Top-ups are available in over 80 countries and over 400 mobile operators including MVNOs. Digital vouchers for streaming services and other entertainment (e.g. Spotify, Netflix, Steam, etc.) are available in most of Europe, in the US and selected markets. Physical goods for the moment are restricted to few selected markets.

We update the catalog continuously in order to meet the desires of our merchants. At the moment we have these three categories of prizes:

  • Mobile phone top-ups available on 400 mobile operators across 80 countries for a total combined amount of approximately 15.000 individual rewards.
  • Digital Vouchers: these include vouchers and gift cards for the world’s top digital entertainment and shopping brands such as: Netflix, Spotify and many others. Vouchers and gift-cards are restricted to specific geographies and currencies.
  • Physical products: we have made available in selected geographies physical products ranging from game gear, smartwatches and Bluetooth speakers all the way to high end smartphones, deejay sets, VR goggles and many more.

For more info on the rewards, please refer to the Country Rewards section of the partner panel.

We decide the rewards. Our goal is to make the rewards as appealing as possible for our members. So we define the rewards based on many different criteria such as: the products/services of our partners, the demographics of their users, the local trends and desires of specific countries and many other variables.

Points are always the same for our members, so points earned either via NTA or TA have the same value and are cumulated with no difference what so ever into the member’s account. However, some larger companies like to know the difference and may register these differently into their books.

Any campaign is always categorized as either Transactional or Non-Transactional Activity related. Transactional Activity (TA) campaign means that the points are issued only in connection with a purchase transaction completed by the user. On the contrary a Non-Transactional Activity (NTA) Campaign refers to a campaign where you issue points for activities that support your marketing and sales but that are not connected to any transaction (e.g. you issue points to users that subscribe to a newsletter or to users that invite friends to test your product).

You will be able to keep track of the split between TA and NTA in the reports accessible on your partner account.


Well, this actually (within the constraints of local regulations and of the Terms of our contract) is quite up to your fantasy. You can reward users for buying your products and for returning or for inviting their friends to test your product. You could reward users that take their time to fill out a survey, or the ones that purchase a specific product you want to get rid of because you have too many in stock. And then a small reward for a twitter share, a bigger one for making a purchase triggered by a newsletter.

You can configure as many campaigns as you wish on each property. For example: on your property you could set an “Acquisition Campaign” rewarding users that invite friends and a “Retention Campaign” rewarding users that make repeat purchases.

A campaign is a specific loyalty or incentives marketing program you wish to undertake on your property. For example, you may wish to make a campaign to increase the retention of your users or you might want to make a campaign to incentivize your users to invite friends. You can think of campaigns as the points issuing activities that will allow you to achieve specific goals.

You can configure as many as you wish as long as they are compliant to our Terms.

A property is the “place” you want your loyalty and incentives campaign to be promoted. It can be any digital property like a website a mobile site or an app, as long as this property’s business is compliant with our rules. So let’s say that you want to issue points on your website then is your property.

All anonymous points that are issued and not “retroclaimed” into member accounts within the set expiry period will be credited back to your balance and be available to be issued again.

Yes. Anonymous points that are unclaimed expire. Depending on your partner account you can set the unclaimed points to expire to a specific interval, for example 1 month.

Yes, they expire based on our program regulation. Today Member’s points expire on the 31st of December of the third calendar year following the issue date of the points.

Retroclaim is one of our secret ingredients. We designed this feature it in order to not interrupt the purchase flow or other call to action of the user, yet be able to incentivize the user with points and prizes. The idea is that users are rewarded with points for their purchase (TA) or other action (NTA) even if they haven’t subscribed to the koomalooma program yet. The points issued will be stored in anonymous account. Through different technologies we keep track of these anonymous accounts and update the balance every time a user is issued points. After the call to action is completed and conversion issues are over, we always prompt the user to take a look at the prizes and sign-up. Users are more motivated to sign-up as they accumulate points and are closer to being able to redeem a prize. When the user signs up, our system will Retroclaim into his account all previously earned points.

This is entirely up to you and you will define this in your campaigns.

Users earn points by performing a specific action (such as purchasing something from your website) that you have defined in a campaign.

Unless you are in a duopoly (and this is quite unlikely), you and your competitor will be ganging up on all your other competitors in the market and taking market share from the other competitors. And in any case, the program will be delivering benefits to any partner of the program, thus winning a greater share of wallet of the member compared to other products and services the member could be spending on.

Lastly, we think our program is great, but ultimately we are just providing you with a tool. It is like a very good hammer, that will be effective in driving in a nail depending on the precision and strength of the person using the hammer. So the effect of koomalooma on business results strongly relies on how it is applied by each partner. The most creative, data-driven, value oriented campaigns will be the most effective.

Today consumers are enrolled into too many loyalty programs but then actively use very few. For a loyalty program to be successful it must be truly relevant for the user. By allowing more companies into a program the user has more opportunities to collect points and therefore has a higher probability to collect points through different channels, can aim at higher rewards and is more engaged. For you, this means that a coalition program is more valuable for the user and ultimately, since there are more opportunities to earn points, it costs less (in terms of points) to motivate users. Research shows that a proprietary loyalty program, in order to stimulate up to 10 – 15% increase in sales will need a 5 to 10% funding rate (that is the amount of value given back in points). A coalition program can stimulate up to 10 to 15% increase in sales with as little as 1% to 3% of funding rate. So coalition program are usually more effective and cost-efficient.

Other benefits include:

  • Lower implementation and maintenance costs
  • Leverage the brand of the program
  • Leverage aggregated data from the program

An Open Coalition (AKA Open Alliance) is a loyalty programme that is open to all merchants. This means that all companies are allowed to join the programme and issue points.

The reason is the same one for which you will not from one day to the other double the price of your products: demand (you and our partners) and supply (our competition). Our company’s future depends on our capability of delivering real value to the users. If it requires too many points to earn a prize, our members will not be stimulated and therefore our merchants will be unhappy and not find our product valuable. Since this is something they can easily measure, our goal is to use the points purchased by merchants to engage and stimulate our members to the maximum. Then factor in, that any loyalty program, including the proprietary programs of your competitors are our competition. That means that our program must stimulate users more than the other proprietary programs of other merchants in such a way that our partners continue to purchase points from us.

We do not disclose this information exactly like Google or any other ad-network doesn’t tell you how much it earned from each impression or click. What we can say is that the amount of points for each reward takes into account many variables such as member redeem patterns, breakage, local variables, supply costs, exchange rates and many others. It is our “secret formula” and it is critical for making our program really stimulating for the user and competitive against other programs. So it is in our merchants’ interest to keep it this way.

By joining the koomalooma incentives and rewards program your company can achieve its growth targets by leveraging its current customers base. In fact, with koomalooma you will be rewarding your users for supporting you in your marketing and sales effort. More specifically your company can use the program to increase customer retention, stimulate increase purchases, shift purchases to more profitable products and motivate users towards higher engagement levels. koomalooma is also a great tool to attract new users and increase competitiveness of your offer.

Our web panel allows you to easily manage promotions, analyse aggregated customer behaviors, and make data driven marketing decisions. Once integrated, campaigns can be managed easily by business teams without development and support from tech teams.

By offering koomalooma to your customers, you are offering them the most competitive and valuable loyalty program for mobile and web users, without having all the costs and complications of designing and managing a loyalty program. We take care of everything from accounting the points, fulfilling the catalog and delivering the prizes.

By joining kooma·looma you will also join a network of merchants under the same program (the “coalition”) and will benefit from the aggregated power of all the partners operating under the same program.

kooma·looma has been designed specifically for companies operating in mobile and web environments. Our team has put years of experience in payments processing and digital marketing to design a loyalty program that is truly rewarding for the end user, but also frictionless in a digital environment. kooma·looma is designed to match the needs of consumer facing online and mobile retailers and app publishers, such as:

  • mobile and web games publishers and distributors;
  • online dating and networking services,
  • music and video streaming or download services;
  • mobile apps,
  • consumer cloud services;
  • events and ticketing services;
  • e-commerce and m-commerce stores.

koomalooma is a digital bonus program based on points that users earn for their mobile and online purchases to obtain rewards and gifts such as mobile operator top-ups or the newest smartphones and tech gadgets. As a partner of this program you will reward specific actions your users make (such as purchases made on your web store), issuing a certain amount of points for each action. For example, you might reward a user 50 points for buying in-game credit of your free-to-play game. Once your user has accumulated a certain amount of points the user can spend these points on the koomalooma catalog to redeem a prize.

koomalooma is an Open Coalition Loyalty Program and Platform that allows mobile and web companies to easily manage promotions and reward programs on their stores, increase loyal users and attract new customers. koomalooma uses the newest technologies to disrupt the traditional loyalty program format by allowing users to collect points before signing up to the program. This totally new format enables digital merchants to reward their users on the fly, maintaining totally frictionless purchase and user engagement flows, maximizing purchase conversion and click-to-action rates.